Better Border Biosecurity (B3) is a multi-partner, cooperative science collaboration that researches ways to reduce the entry and establishment of new plant pests and diseases in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a geographically isolated archipelago and because of this the country is free from many pests and diseases that damage productive and natural ecosystems or endanger human and animal health. The B3 collaboration aims to maintain this advantage by using research and it's uptake to improve border biosecurity in five theme areas.

Opinion: Finding fruit flies doesn't mean the system is broken

The detection of fruit flies in the Auckland region might lead people to wonder if our biosecurity system is failing. But, with ever increasing travel and trade as an incessant source for these pests and as a constant pressure on the border, what they should be wondering is “how is it that more flies are not found?”

Biosecurity trail empowers visitors to protect New Zealand flora

Thursday 16 May 2019 - by David Teulon

A new walking trail at the Auckland Botanic Gardens will give locals and overseas visitors a chance to learn about New Zealand’s flora as well as the role they play in protecting it.

Biosecurity trail empowers visitors to protect New Zealand flora

Biological Heritage National Science Challenge
B3 is fully aligned to New Zealand's Biological Heritage National Science Challenge.

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