Fast, cost-effective, robust and accurate diagnostic methods and tools to enable informed biosecurity decisions

Theme Scope: 

  • New Diagnostic Techniques: expedite the identification of multiple organisms within a sample, develop easy-to-use tests with field-applicability, and facilitate scale up to achieve high throughput
  • Rapid Pathogenicity Determination: rapidly distinguish between pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms
  • Forensic Diagnostics: move beyond taxonomic-based diagnostics to ways of gaining other important biosecurity information about risk organisms.

Current research in this theme includes (June 2019):

  • Point of use plant pathogen biosensor
  • Diagnosing of irradiated insects and fruit
  • An integrated platform for biosecurity through eDNA sequencing
  • Using molecular systematics to enhance diagnostics and predict biosecurity risk
  • Enabling stable isotope technology for fruit fly incursion decision-making
  • eRNA as a molecular diagnostic tool targeting viable
  • Strategies for determination of biosecurity risk using high throughput sequencing

Karen Armstrong
Theme D Leader
Karen Armstrong
Tel: 03 4230918 Email: Karen.Armstrong@lincoln.ac.nz

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